Monday, April 19, 2010

The Time Travelers Book 1 in the Gideon Trilogy

I am about half way through this really great book (author Linda Buckley-Archer)! It is the story of two 21st century children, Kate Dyer and Peter Schock, who are whisked away on a time traveling adventure when they come in contact with an anti gravity machine. They are taken back to July 1763 and the villain called, the Tar Man steals the machine taking with him their chance of returning home. They end up journeying through the English countryside with Gideon Seymour in an attempt to get back home.
This is the first in a trilogy of time travel books and is certain to be a hit among children and adult readers for a long time!

More juicy details to come as I continue reading.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Great Kapok Tree's Bit of Wisdom

Last Friday, at school we read a story called, "The Great Kapok Tree" from the basal. This is a really neat story about a tree in the Amazon Rainforest and the animals telling a man why he should not cut it down. Anyways, there was a line in it, that never really hit me until this time and we had to stop and have a discussion about it and then write it on the board as a classroom motto for a while.
"What happens tomorrow depends on what you do today."
This can be considered on several different levels, of course. Our discussion of the story had to do with the fact that if we destroy nature today then our children won't be able to enjoy it in the future. But then, it led to a discussion about things like studying for the test if you want to get an A, or practicing for the game if you want to do your best.
But now, I am thinking about it on a spiritual level. We are children of our Heavenly Father and He loves us very much. He wants us to be our best in this life and to return to Him in the next. We can't just go through this life like a kite carried by the wind. We need to direct ourselves so that what happens tomorrow is not a surprise to us. For example, the prophets have foretold of disasters that are to come in the last days and have counseled us to be prepared by collecting food storage and getting rid of debt. If we do these things today then we can make it through the disasters on our own rather than having to rely on the help of others.
We have been promised great blessings if we follow the commandments and do the things that the prophets counsel. We have been told that God has a mansion prepared for us and that we are His divine children with a divine inheritance. What we receive tomorrow depends on what we do today.

My new casita

So, as you can see, I have not been the best blogger lately. Actually, I think for about the last year. Ouch. But the truth is... my life is just so freaking boring that I never have anything to really blog about.
For those of you who keep up with me on facebook, you know that I have been in the process of moving. For the last two years, my mother, sister, and I have been living together in my mom's house. I never really wanted to do this, I had really enjoyed having a place with my sister, but we were trying to save some money. Well, the time came that I needed to get my own place. So that is what I did. I didn't expect to find something in my price range so quickly, but I lucked out and found a fairly nice 2 br town home close to work for a really good price. I love it! It is weird to have a place of my very own without family or roommates, but I love it! I get to decorate and no one eats my food, or yells about the dishes being dirty (which incidentally, the house is cleaner than I have ever lived in... I do the dishes and make my bed every day- who knows how that happened?) It was a little scary the first few nights being on my own, but now I really like it. It is really quiet and I can hear the ticking of the clock instead of the TV coming from the other room. I never realized how comforting I find the ticking of a clock until now. Is that strange? It is, sometimes, a little lonely, but I am so busy during the week that I hardly notice. But I think, once I have the place all put together and acquire a dining room table of some sort, that I will enjoy having people over to watch a movie, play games, or have dinner.
The best part of it all.... I get to sleep in an extra half hour every day because I live a mile from the school rather than ten.
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