Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy summer, everyone!

Another year has come and gone,
Like a downhill train without its brakes.
So now we are writing a fancy song,
About our year, the good times and the aches.

Wearing shiny, new uniforms, in August we trudged
On to Dixie Sun eager to learn a lot of stuff
And every day, that ‘form we wore – and though begrudged
To tuck in our shirts, we did with a huff.

Miss Rogers, our teacher, worked us to the bone.
She laughed when we cried, “Are you serious?!?! AND IN CURSIVE, TOO!
She chuckled when we would whine and groan.
But, we knew she loved us when she said, “Here, let me give you a little
c l u e….
And, “Yes, you can. Yes, EVEN YOU!!!

Treasures was a BLAST!
And did you know that I just used onomatopoeia.
Well, I did. And if you asked
“What is that?” I would smile and say it’s used in poetree-a.

Another totally awesome writing tool is “PER-SON-I-FI-CATION.”
A really long word, for a trick we dig, especially in “Nacho and Lolita,”
Our favorite story, where Nacho is in love and uses SONG-I-FI-CATION
To make Lolita fall in love with him and come to his casita.

Science was the best- we all had so much fun!
Bill Nye rocks and made us laugh about so many strange things,
Gravity, Ecosystems, the Moon and the Sun,
Our hearts, brains, skeletons, and Saturn’s rings.

We got our creative juices flowing with writing and art,
Using different styles and genres made us kinda scared
“What if mine is ugly?” “It’ll be great, just get a start!”
We all are creative, smart, and brave- BECAUSE WE DARED!!!

So, now it’s time we wave good bye,
To José, Mr. P, Miss Rogers, and all our pals at Dixie Sun
True, it’s sort of sad, and some might cry,
But come August, we will be back for another year of fun!

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