Sunday, August 3, 2008

Awesome birthday!

Last night my family threw a surprise birthday party for my 30th birthday. They hung up "over the hill" banners and had napkins and decorations too. It was pretty cool. Yes, I was surprised. I kind of wondered because Kelly was making baked beans at like 7:00 in the morning and I thought, "There must be something going on." But I was supposed to be going out to dinner with Grandma Irene and Garn, so I just figured she was trying out a new recipe or something.
It was funny because everyone parked all over the neighborhood to hide their cars so I wouldn't know. They were parked in other people's driveways even (friends of course) and I had no clue.
Kelly made us all play Bingo since it was about me being old. I won three rounds and they were all telling me that I couldn't get more than one prize.
Mike was in such a good mood, which is rare. He is always moody and complaining that he's tired and so he can't put a smile on his face. Well, last night he was so happy and smiling the whole time. He was laughing all night long about an accident Grandma had with a bottle of honey. He wanted some honey for his corn bread, so Grandma got out her plastic bottle of honey (you know the ones shaped like a little bear) and it was hard so she put it in the microwave, but she didn't open it at all so that air could escape and when she opened it, honey exploded everywhere, even on the ceiling (which I ended up scrubbing off for her before we left). Well Michael thought that was pretty funny and had to laugh and talk about it all night long. But it was a good change from his normal attitude.
I got some nice things. My mom got me a new watch which I had selected with her beforehand so that she got the "right one." I am very picky with certain things and watches are one of them. I can never find one that I like without trying on hundreds of them. Michael and Natalie went to the Bear Mill and made me a white bunny with basketball clothes and shoes. I thought that was so sweet and thoughtful. He said, "We know you are sad and miss your bunny so we thought we would get you one to remind you of him." How sweet is that??? Grandma and Garn gave me some movie tickets and a Barnes and Noble gift card. Aunt Becky gave me an Old Navy gift card and Kelly got me the Colbie Caillat CD.
I was so happy that we all spent the whole night together and had such a wonderful time. Everyone was happy and excited to be together. That is so rare and it was a blessing.

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erin said...

did you forget about the stuff I gave you?!? lol. I felt SO bad that I didn't have anything for you at the party though. It's been hard for me to get out and get you anything, but I didn't forget you. We should go to a movie this weekend for your gift...(your treat-jk). Sorry I'm such a horrible sister.

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