Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day- Lake Powell style

On Monday, July 4 and Tuesday, July 5, Mom, Kelly, and I went camping at Wahweap at Lake Powell. I have not been back to Page since I left 6 years ago! I can't believe it. It was very strange to be going back.
When we got there we all worked in the heat to get the tent up. Mom and I both had snazzy cots and Kelly used Mom's awesomely huge air bed. All three of our lovely camp beds fit in the tent nicely and I was glad to have cots, because actually, it provided more room than other times we've camped because we were able to store our bags below the cots. After getting everything set up, we took a trip into Page and went to RD's and enjoyed some amazing hamburgers, corn dogs, and ice cream! A local tradition that is unmatched.
I got a terrible heat headache and when I get these, they are hard to get rid of. We went down to the lake, and it was terribly crowded with locals. We stayed a short time, then went to the resort and went swimming. After that, I was hoping to be rid of my headache, but I wasn't so I slept through dinner. Later, I ate so melon, but that was all. We decided not to go into town to watch the fireworks. It was such a warm night (although very windy) that none of us even needed to use any blankets, but we did get a small sprinkling of rain in the early morning. It felt good with our tent windows open and small drops occasionally slipping through.
On Tuesday, we tried to head out to Antelope Canyon to go on a tour of the slot canyons, but were disappointed to see that we had to pay $6 EACH for parking, even though we were all in the same car (explain that one to me, please) + $25 each (cash only) for the tour! We were very bummed, but went back to the lake and enjoyed the much less crowded beach almost to ourselves.
Wednesday morning, we woke up, tore down camp, and headed back to St. George. It was a short, but wonderful break and fun to get away from town without having to drive too far. I was a bit disappointed to not have the time to see people who I had not seen in a while, but I intend to make another visit sometime in the fall if I can swing it.

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