Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zuma Beach

SMILE! You're at Zuma!

On Saturday, I started my California vacation off perfectly! My cousin Chantelle and her daughter, Brooklynn (6), along with Chantelle's friend, Cindy, and her little girl, Katie (4), all went out for pedicures early in the morning. Cindy treated us all to mochas and smoothies from Dr. Conkey's coffee and candy. She brought me a super yummy strawberry banana smoothie! Chanti got her toes painted bright pink with little flowers for her anniversary cruise, Brookie and Katie went for a bright gold, Cindy got sparkly blue, and I chose a bright purple with sparkles. There's nothing quite as wonderful to start a summer vacation to the beaches and sunshine, as a perfect pedi!

Shortly after arriving at the beach, we noticed a large, dead jellyfish lying next to the water! I have never seen one before in real life. We made sure to stay back from it, because they can sting you even after they are dead. Some kid decided to go tell a lifeguard and guess what the lifeguard's response was... he said, "So." Seriously? What kind of lifeguard says, "So." Anyways, the jellyfish was quickly washed back to sea where he was given a proper burial closer to his home.

Haha! Look how scared Brooklynn looks!

I was sooooooo excited to see dolphins jumping all over the place not too far out. In fact I could probably have swam out and actually touched them! They were just out a little past where the waves were breaking. I love that I caught this picture of such a great memory.

Brooklynn is such a cutie! She didn't want to get to close to the water at first. She wanted to sit way back from the water and she kept trying, in vain of course, to keep the sand off of her feet, her lounge chair, and her towel.

Brooklynn getting sunscreened. haha. I love her face all scrunched up!

She loves the camera!

I love, love, love the happiness on her face right here.

Such a supermodel!

We also enjoyed flying kites . . .

and building sand castles!

I look forward to going back again sometime soon.

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