Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Cookies and Ugly Ornaments

Today Erin had a Christmas cookie and ugly ornament party. We all had a great time. Everyone brought a plate of cookies and the recipes to share. I made some rocky road bars and pineapple coconut snowballs. My rocky road bars won 2nd prize. . . woohoo. I felt so special.
But I was kind of bummed because I found this awfully ugly Santa decoration at the DI. I thought for sure that he would win the ugliest ornament award. Erin tried to DQ me from the contest because he wasn't a "tree ornament." Well, no one said it had to be a "tree ornament." An ornament can be defined as anything used to add flare or decoration, so this Santa could fit that definition. Well, in my humble opinion, he was the ugliest because his fluff was falling off all over and he had this strange pocket thing instead of an arm, which I think is supposed to hold something . . . maybe candy canes or something like that????? Who really knows? Well, I was the only one who voted for the ugly thing.

My mom's thing wasn't even ugly. I wouldn't have put it out to decorate, but it's not ugly... Well, the winner was something that my aunt Becky made this morning, but I couldn't get a picture of it because my camera's battery was dead and wouldn't revive. She won an ugly ornament ugly pen... Hahaha, what fun! I was gonna go to the Dicken's Festival, but I was so tired tonight that I decided not to. Maybe next year. That's what I have told myself for the last several years. Whyyy????? I love Charles Dickens.... Why have I never gone??????????? I suck.

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