Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Party

Aidan: "It squeezes like a brain!"

Rebekah: "I want candy! I want candy!"

Chris: "It's the World's Biggest Candy Cane and it only has 110 calories!"
Ms. Rogers: "Let me see... well, there's nine servings, Chris, so actually there's nearly 1,000 calories."
Chris: "1,000 CALORIES!!!!!!!! Whoa!"
How does he know what calories are?

Adan broke his leg in Vegas at a skate park trying to do some sort of 360 or 540 or olly or something like that. I just told him to leave those things to Tony Hawk.

My wishes for Adan. He was pretty proud of it and thought it was funny. "Look what Miss Rogers wrote! She said, Better luck next time! Haha."

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