Thursday, April 30, 2009

Calm down people

So today we found out that we are facing the possibility of having to close down all the schools in the school district should any cases of swine flu be confirmed in Washington County. When that happens, we will be required to conduct lessons via the internet or phone and through packets of work that is sent home to kids who do not have internet access . . . for the rest of the school year. Although this may sound fun to some (yeah, no school), I am, always the pessimist- completely not thrilled. This is because we have been informed that each grade level needs to put together a "packet" of work that is sufficient for three weeks worth of lessons. . . and we need to do it tomorrow. Seriously? Seriously!
My own view on this "pandemic" situation is that if people panic, it will just cause more problems. So considering the circumstances, let's just calm down people.

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