Friday, April 10, 2009

Not for those with a weak stomach...

Diary of an "abscess"

Monday: It is discovered in it's hiding place just at the belt line. 2 inch diameter. Bleeds and bleeds and bleeds some more. I go to the Instacare and am told that nothing can be done until it forms a head. A dotted circle is drawn around the red, inflamed area to see if it gets bigger. No definitive diagnosis is determined. Antibiotics are prescribed. 1st and 2nd dose are taken. Pain, pain, pain, and more PAIN. Unable to sleep. Awake at 0230 hours in pain and apply heat.

Tuesday: 3rd and 4th doses of powerful antibiotics are taken. More pain. Mystery red spot is now 3 inches in diameter and very, very hot! A bit more sleep, but not much. Very grumpy.

Wednesday: 5th and 6th doses of "extremely powerful" antibiotics are taken. Still more, unrelenting pain. Still about 3 inches in diameter and on fire. Still virtually no sleep.

Thursday: 7th dose does not sit well and I lose my breakfast. Don't eat all day except some goldfish crackers. Redness is above all redness and hotter than St. George in the middle of August. Pain beyond anything I have experienced in a long, long time. Now 5 inches by 3 inches in size. Go to ER at 11:30 pm. Pain level 8. Mystery spot is now diagnosed as an abscess, or boil. It is lanced with great pain and packed with gauze. Pain relievers (Lortab) are prescribed and filled at Walgreens at 12:45 am. Finally go to bed at 1:15 am.

Friday: Wake up at 6:30 am and go to work. Pain level 4. Return to ER to have wound rinsed, repacked, rebandaged.

Saturday: What? Because of the Lortab, I suppose, I arise for the day at 12:40 pm.
Another evening visit to the ER is in store and I can't wait!

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