Saturday, September 6, 2008


La Casita de los Angeles
(written in my best Spanglish!)

Mis angeles viven en una casita antigua y blanca con agujeros de bala muchos.
Mis angeles, los angeles hermosos.
You were my angels, you are my angels.
You held me in your broken wings.
La casita blanca de los angeles fue mi casa.
My house, my angels.
"El es debil," ellos dijeron.
"No salta en el."
"Mis chicas! Mis bebes!"
"Usted ha creciendo tanto!"
"You will break hearts! You have stolen mine!"
The only broken heart is here in this chest of mine.
It beats still, but without reason.
"Ven aqui, sientate en mi rodilla."
"Eres feliz? Besa me mis bebes. Te quiero, mis angeles."
No, you are my angels.
My angels with broken wings and weak knees.
But now, I imagine, they must be strong.
Mantenga mi, porfavor ahora. Ahora soy debil.
Hay orificios de bala que nos rodean son.
El enemigo espera que nos puede herir.
But, on your knees and under your wings we were safe.
Where have you gone?
Donde estan mis angeles?
El angel tuvo las sonrisas. El angel tuvo los abrazos. Los angeles fueron arrugas y (no debil pero) FUERTE.
We are protected from the bullets.
You were my shield and my hope.
Los angeles. Donde estan mis angeles?
I want to say thank you.
The house may have been old, may have been small, and it may have had holes . . .
But it was white. It was heaven.
Pero, esta blanca. Esta cielo.
It was the home of my angels.
Esta el hogar de los angeles.
Mis angeles.
Gracias. . .
Gracias para todo.
July 2007

I Am

I am creative and courageous.
I wonder if my dad ever missed me too.
I hear "Teacher, teacher" in my sleep.
I see a brighter future ahead.
I want to earn a black belt.
I am creative and courageous.

I pretend that I am telling the truth.
I feel amazed when I look at the stars.
I touch children's lives.
I worry about what people really think.
I cry when I can't hold it anymore.
I am creative and courageous.

I understand that "Life isn't fair."
I say, "Never say I can't!"
I dream of having a happy family.
I try to make a difference in the world.
I hope I make my grandpa proud.
I am creative and courageous.
February 26, 2008


A beacon of light
Constant, unchanging, and true
Guides my ship tonight.
September 5, 2008

Each grain of sand feels
the rushing waves as they fall
through a full moon night.
June 2008

Twinkle, twinkle little star

Twinkle, twinkle little star
Do you wonder who you are?
Up above the world so high
Do you wish that you could fly?

Brightly shining little star
Reaching faintly from so far,
Do you look around and see
Millions brighter far than thee?

Listen closely, little star
What a treasure that you are!
Can you sense divinity
And what you can someday be?

How I wish that you might know
Just how much that you will grow.
And little star, can you feel
That your Father's love is real?

You're not JUST a little star
Shining faintly from afar.
You're a diamond in the sky
Guiding sailors from up high.

I'm one sailor here below
Watching you forever glow.
Without you to guide me here
Darkness is my greatest fear.

So, little star, twinkle bright
In the darkness of the night.
You are special, it is true
There is no star just like you.
- Annelise
September 5, 2008

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