Saturday, September 27, 2008

A funny memory: A boy and his lizard

Okay, so Kelly mentioned something tonight that I totally forgot about and I need to write it down so that I don't forget it again.
Last year, I had a little boy named Erasmo in my class, but we called him Lamito. He was so funny and way smart, and even had a slightly naughty streak (but always loaded with humor!) So one Friday as I came in the morning, there was a group of kids hanging out on the ramp (Lamito was one of them) in front of the classroom and I wondered what was going on, but didn't think to ask. Then when Lamito came in, he came in and asked if we could have Show and Tell. I said, I don't think so because I don't like Show and Tell. Well, he didn't say anything else, but for some reason 2 or 3 other kids asked me if we could have Show and Tell that day. Well, this started to get me wondering slightly what was going on, but again, I didn't question it too much.
So finally, after lunch I believe, when we were switching to new seats and cleaning tables, Lamito told me he really had something that he wanted to show me and a couple of other kids were with him. Their faces were so excited that I could tell it was something big. Well, Lamito reached into the front pocket of his hoodie and pulled out a lizard.
Okay, so I asked how long he had been hiding the lizard in his pocket like a prisoner and he said since the morning. I told him he had to take it outside and let it go. He asked why and I said because he was just a little lizard and probably didn't want to be kept in a sweater pocket and plus, what if he got out??? "I have been very careful. I have been holding him in my hand in my pocket all day so he doesn't get out." Well he begged if he could keep him and I told him he could show his friends the lizard, but then please let him go free, then I went back to what I was doing. A minute or two later, everyone was hovered around Lamito and he was down on his knees. They were all saying, "Lamito's crying, he's sad."
"Lamito, come here." I said. "Why are you crying?"
"I don't want to let my lizard free. He's the best lizard I've ever had. I've never had a lizard like him before." Through sobs...
"Let me see your lizard." I actually don't think I had looked at his lizard yet. So we sat down at the table and he pulled the poor lizard out of his pocket and held it in his hand.
"Put him on the table so I can see him," I said.
"He likes dark places, he will hide under the books." Sure enough, the little lizard ran under the stack of books. So we talked and I asked if he knew what the lizard would eat."
"Do you have some crickets for him?"
"And where will he live, in a jar?"
"No, I have a tank for him."
"Okay," I said, since the day was almost over. So he started to feel better and we talked about some other things, then I told him he could go finish moving to his new desk and cleaning up. He asked...
"Can I take my lizard back too?"
Can you believe it? I had forgotten the stupid lizard was under the books. "Yes," I replied.
No the story doesn't quite end here.
We took a bathroom break a few minutes later. I have a coconut half shell that I use as a hall pass and he wanted to carry the lizard in that shell so that the kids could see it. So I allowed it.
As we were walking to the restrooms they were all certain that the lizard was licking it's eyeballs like a gecko. I looked at it and said, "I don't see him licking his eyeballs. It looks to me like he is squinting from the sunlight..."
I know, I am so mean, but I was a bit wasted of energy. It was a Friday and the whole situation had been very dramatic and draining.
It makes me laugh hysterically though now. Especially thinking about him saying, "He's the best lizard I've had. I've never had a lizard like him before."

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summerk said...

Anne, that was hilarious! I loved it! I'm surprised the lizard lived... with all the drama! :)
How are you? I'm having fun checking out your blog; you're awesome and I miss you!! We had some great times back in the day, didn't we? I don't remember much but I do remember it was fun to be around you. I also remember that I was probably pretty obnoxious sometimes, too, right? Just a guess. I've outgrown that a little... I hope.
Anyway, thank you for your comment on my post on Ginger. It was really nice of you. I hope you're doing well... that life's treating you good. :)
I hope it's ok with you if I keep checking your blog out; and I want to see more pictures of you!
Take care. Love you, Summer

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