Sunday, March 8, 2009

Code Adam Scare in Wal Mart Keeps Local Woman Awake All Night

So the Ambien decided not to work so well tonight and I only slept for about 4 hours and now I am awake and nothing to do but blog.

Yesterday, I had a lot of fun. My karate instructor's son was having a birthday party at the dojo and I came just to hang out with Shalynn and help her get it ready. The kids had so much fun and they were all so cute to watch running around.

Then we went to Wal Mart, the Wilson family + one, and that was quite the experience. Marc and Shalynn both needed a few pairs of black pants for this conference they are going to in Denver for Mile High Karate, who we have paired with and we are now Bobby Lawrence Mile High Karate. So they had to have all this special apparel and were a bit overwhelmed. I helped Shalynn find the perfect pants (because I had bought them a few weeks ago and we were lucky because they only had 4 or 5 pairs left, but one of them was her size)!

Then we were looking in the toy department and Marc had to go take some of the pants back that he was not getting. SO Shalynn, the boys, and I were there looking at Leap Frog things and Shalynn, Kade, and Brayden left to go a few aisles down. Jordan (4) was sitting on the floor next to me looking at something and he got up to go find mommy but my back was turned and I didn't notice. (Actually I didn't know he was with me at all, I thought Shalynn or Marc had him.) So I went to go show Shalynn something I was going to get and she realized I didn't have him. We all started a search and Shalynn was freaked out because he was just instantly gone. No one saw him leave, almost like someone had taken him. She called Marc and Marc didn't have him. We were all over the place. I decided to head to the front and look for him in the candy and toys displays on the way. I went to Customer Service and tried to call Marc to see if he had been found but then realized that he was up at a register talking to a lady and on the phone with his wife. So I went over with him. They told me to stay up front and Marc to go to one of the exits while an associate goes to another exit. They issued a Code Adam and described Jordan but almost immediately after that he was found and they issued the "Cancel Code Adam." When Jordan left me he went to look for mommy. He said, "I was with Anne but went to find you. I'm sorry for scaring you Mommy." I asked him if he was scared and he just said, "nope." Brayden was really scared and Kade was like "whatever I know he's around here somewhere." It's funny to see how different brothers can be. I am just so relieved that we found him because if I had been the last one with him and he had gotten lost or stolen I would not be able to forgive myself.


Clint said...

I've had fun catching up on the last two months of your blog! You do such a great job keeping up on it. I, on the other hand....

Anyway, I'm glad little Jordan was safe and sound... very scary, though.

And I love the picture of you and Erin at the top!!! Sooooo cute!

Clint said...

Oops! I guess I was commenting under my husband's name... very weird. That was really me, Summer! :)

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