Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What a day!

The good, the bad, and the ugly...
1. I am STILL sick! What's it been, like 2 months now? Now it's down in my chest and I can't stop coughing.

2. School stories.
"Dude" So, the boys can't stop calling everyone "dude" all the time. "Dude, what page are we on?" "Dude, can I use your red crayon?" "Dude, you wanna play soccer with me at lunch?" Even to the the girls. "Dude, will you let me see the book?" "Dude, do we have to do the problems on the back?" So I have been getting so tired of it and today I heard someone say it about three times in 10 seconds so I said, "He has a name and it's not 'DUDE'." He looked at me like "Huh?" and I repeated myself, "He has a name and it's NOT DUDE." He kind of chuckled then went back to what he was doing. A few minutes later I heard it again, but then a little girl said, "He has a name and it's not 'Dude." Then someone else said, "Yeah, teacher said "He has a name and it's not Dude." I laughed inside thinking, "Uh huh, THAT'S RIGHT. Glad someone listens around here!"

Candy bar thieves: I have a small, plastic, purple basket in which a wonderful assortment of candy bars are stored for birthdays (and my afternoon chocolate rescue, but shhhhh, we'll just say they're for birthdays). Today I had pulled it down and left it on my printer so that I would remember to let someone get their birthday bar. Well, as we were getting ready to go home, I was busy helping a couple of kids fix their math and also handing out homework folders. I was sittig at the table right next to the printer (just a few feet away literally) and a boy (a very naughty boy, always in trouble) decided to snitch 3 or 4 of them and pass them around to friends. After several minutes a little girl says, "Ummm (so and so) is stealing your candy bars. I looked over at the basket and could tell that they had been taken because it was completely full before. So I called him over and he proceeded to say that (boy b and boy c) had the bars and they said (boy a) took them and gave them to us. (Like we're completely innocent). So I asked, "did you know he took them from me?" Yes, they said they did, and I explained to them that means they are just as guilty. So they brought all the bars back, or so I thought. After school we were still trying to figure out the consequences and Boy A (the main suspect) proceeds to accuse girl A of eating a candy bar- a Kit Kat. Well this is wonderful girl who never finds trouble and she had already high tailed it out of there. However, she was "apprehended" and returned to the scene of the crime. She continued to deny to me that she had anything to do with it so I told her to go tell Boy A to his face that he was lying. At first she had no problem doing so and he continued to accuse her of it. I said, "Well someone is lying straight to the other's face. Can you continue to look straight in their eyes and tell them the lie?" Then he said, "Come on (girl A)!" So then she admitted that she had eaten "just a tiny bite" when she knew he stole it. So then I ask, "So who ate the rest?" He said, "I don't know!" I looked straight at him and said, "Did you?" He shamefully hung his head and said, "Yes..." Then they both started to cry pitifully. Boy B and C just watched and didn't seem affected at all. Kinda sad but funny at the same time.

3. When I came home, I found out that Erin is on bed rest for something that is wrong with her and the baby. I don't have very much information right now, but the dr. wants to make sure that it doesn't get worse so that Jude has a better chance to survive. If he can wait just 6 weeks survival will go up about 60%. So we are praying for their family.

Oi ve! What a day!

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