Saturday, October 11, 2008

Freaking Fun

I had so much fun tonight! Shalynn, my karate instructor's wife, and I decided to get together at Pebbles and scrapbook. I have not done any scrapbooking for several years, but I have so many good pictures from this summer to do. It was so cool. I have been in their "Creating Room" before, but I have not sat down and used it to do any work. She and I were there for several hours until they closed and I loved it. It is so much better than working at home because you can go get the paper and other junk that you need right there!!! Plus, all their punches, paper cutters, special scissors, and other tools are there for you to use.
Then we went to Jimmy John's. She has never had a sandwich from JJ, but I was telling her the other day how much I love them, even more than Subway, and she loves Subway. So she wanted to try it. She loved it.
Finally, we hit Deseret Book. What fun! We were there for more than an hour and a half just looking at EVERYTHING and saying, "Look Shalynn, this is so cute!" "Oh, Anne, I want this!"
"Oh my gosh, this is so amazing!!!" I bought two prints by Simon Dewey that we both were loving. They are of Christ with a little boy and the other with Christ with a little girl. Both paintings have Christ holding a lamp and the flame lights their faces. They are called, "Ye are the light of the World" and "Let Your Light So Shine." I have been wanting to get them both for a while because I want to hang the pair together in my room. We were looking at candles, quilts, Halloween and Christmas decorations, picture books, Willow Tree figurines, music. . . I don't think there was anything in the store we didn't touch!!!! The coolest part was that all she bought was a small bag of chocolate covered pretzels and she used her bonus points so she got them for free and even had a dollar's worth of bonus points left... haha. She was like, "My husband probably thinks I'm dead." We
were gone for quite a while. It was also funny because at one time I was standing by the pictures or candles or something and she was in another area. There were some shelves between us and she was trying to say something to me. I was like, "huh?" "What did you say?" So I went to go find her. She left and was going to find me. Then she was like, "where'd you go?" "I'm trying to find you... where'd you go? "Don't move! Stay where you are!" we were laughing hysterically and we were nearly the only people in there. The cashier was laughing and commented about how funny we were together because we were trying to figure out how long we had been there and I said, "Well, we left Pebbles at about ten to 7 and now it is about 9... well, precisely 8:52ish" (like in Toy Story 2) and we both started laughing, so the cashier thought that was pretty funny too.
Well anyways, I don't know if that all made much sense, but the main idea is that I had a bunch of fun n' stuff. I haven't had anyone to just hang out with like that for a long time. All my friends have gotten married, moved, or whatever, so it was great to have someone to spend some girl time with.

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