Thursday, October 23, 2008

Did anybody see which way Mr. Wednesday went?

So today, I woke up thinking that it was Wednesday and I didn't realize until halfway through the morning that it was actually Thursday. During the morning announcements, the principal reminded the teachers that faculty meeting is tomorrow morning and how he knew we were all so excited to be there bright and early. I thought, "Since when do we have faculty meeting on a Thursday morning?" I seriously was confused all morning and expected to hear that he had made a mistake, but then I was doing something and looked at the calendar to see the date and ta-da! the light came on and I was so excited! Tomorrow is Friday! I love Fridays so much! I was sincerely happy and excited to the max!

Also, I finally was able to speak with Juan's mama today. I tried to call PCMC yesterday and found out that he is not staying as an inpatient like I thought. So I thought he must be at the Ronald McDonald House or something. I got the number for the translator and left her a voice mail explaining that I was coming up over the weekend and wanted to see Juan if it worked out for him and his family. She talked to them, but I ended up talking to his mom before she got back to me. I was proud of myself because I was able to use my Spanish really well and converse with her largely in her language. She actually is better with English than I remember, and so it was easier than I expected it to be. It sounds like the outlook is better than I had heard. He is doing a strong regimen of radiation almost every day and started a chemo cycle that is quite heavy too, but they are planning on coming back home next week and he will get treatment down here for a while, then go back up to SLC in a few months. I feel so much better after speaking to her. She did say that he is having a hard time, missing school a lot and that she has had a hard time trying to explain to him that all this is "for his good to make him get better." I can't imagine trying to explain that to an 8 year old. "This is making you sick, but it will make you better." So, she said it would be fine for me to come visit and I hope he is doing well.

The tournament is Saturday morning and I am still freaking out! I hope my nerves can settle down pretty soon or else I might just do something totally embarrassing and freeze up.

P.S. Happy birthday, big brother! Michael is getting old!!!!!!!!!!

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