Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am thankful to get away from these turkeys for 4 whole days!

Sure, they look sweet, you are thinking. And really, I do love them, but sometimes I just want to give them a kick in the pants. Today was crazy, they were hyper, and I made sure to let them know that this year, I am most grateful that I don't have to see them for 4 whole days. They laughed and knew it was said with the utmost love...

One of the kid's mothers (our room mom) came in and did this nifty little candy holder craft with them to get rid of the extra candy we had left over from Halloween. They loved it. One little girl even named hers something like "Thelma Tinklebottle" or some crazy thing like that. Another kid decided to call his "Mr. Squanto bird."

A bunch of turkeys. . . and their candy pots! This isn't too far from the norm! (You must, I pray thee, click on the picture to enlarge it and get the full effect of each child's expression).

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