Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Lovely Potpourri of Completely Random and Unrelated Thoughts

1. I love, love, LOVE my new layout... don't you? Well, if you don't you might as well just keep it to yourself. hehehe

2. Last night, we got some rain. Yeah!!! And not just rain, but thunder. The kind of thunder that wakes you up screaming, "What the?!?" Yeah, it was freaky, but awesome. And it made me happy when I remembered in the morning and asked Kelly, "So what about that thunder last night?"
"It was the loudest thing I'd ever heard in my life," she replied.

3. I rearranged my room again the other day. If you know me at all, I do that about once a month. (and have since I was a kid. Erin hated me for it.) I am never, EVER satisfied. But not only did I move the furniture, I also had to move things that were on the walls and redecorate... but now, I think I actually like it. . . Really, I promise. At least, I think. And at least, it forced me to clean my room.

4. We got 29 trick or treaters. (Which, I believe, is a record for us since we have lived in this neighborhood for the past 6 years). What happened to the joy of knocking on doors and begging for candy? Evil bad guys! I hate you, you have ruined it for everyone!

5. We had a Halloweenie roast- well it was planned to be a Halloweenie roast- but had to be put off, so I guess we should call it a "Dia de los Muertosweenie Roast." After all, don't we all celebrate the Day of the Dead?

I had to see "Changeling." I know, its R, but I just had to. I wasn't going to because I never see R movies, but a trusted person, with the same standards as me, told me that it would be worth it.

Anyways, I was not disappointed. It was amazing and Angelina Jolie probably will win the Academy Award for her performance. John Malkovich was awesome too. I haven't seen him in anything for ages. His character was a Reverend who was on a personal mission to expose the LAPD and the Chief of Police's corrupt acts and he supported Jolie's character without her asking and despite the fact that she was not even a member of his congregation and he didn't know her personally. He did it without any expectations from her. Many evangelical leaders wouldn't even be that supportive of members of their own congregation because of the commitment and dedication required. When she didn't show up for a meeting, he searched for her and rescued her from abuse. He even went out and contacted the best lawyer in the city, who had fought and won numerous cases against city leadership already, without her request. He was a model of Christlike love and support; being there for her when she needed him most and never asking for anything in return.
I love LA and it made me think of my great grandparents'(Deeda and Fowie) home and what it must have been like when they built their house there in the '20's. I did not realize that the LAPD was corrupt like that (comparable to Chicago at the same time when the police would be paid off by the mobs)! I was so shocked to see a part of my hometown history that I was so unaware of.

(If you're wondering- it is most likely rated R because they use the F word 3 times. There are no sex scenes. There are a couple of short bloody images as it is about a serial murder case in the 1920's).

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elegyrl said...

Hey Anne!!! Haven;t talked to you in awhile but I just came across your blog! I wanted to say that I have enjoyed what I have read so far :) You are such an example! Thanks! Oh and we totally have something in common... the room change thing! I usualy do it every couple of months or so though! I love change I think it is good! Also i was going to look up why Changeling was rated R because it looks like a good movie! I am glad you shared your thoughts on it! Now I may go see it afterall! :) Miss ya girl!

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