Friday, November 14, 2008


So, for those of you who don't know, let me introduce you to Logan... the son of a friend of mine. Logan will be 4 in January and he is too smart for his own good. Really... I think he is smarter than most of my students. Well, tonight I went over and we had pizza and watched a movie and I was "making Logan movies" with my phone. It only records for 30 seconds at a time and he wanted me to make movies of him all night long, so I got 36 videos of him. The funniest were of me interrogating him for his recent introduction to getting his mouth washed out with soap. The conversation went like this:
Video 1
Annie: Tell me about when you got your mouth washed out with soap.
Logan: I . . . I got my my mouth washed out with soap because I said dammit.
Annie: Ohhhhhh . . . and that's a potty word.
Logan: Yeah . . . that's really not a yucky word.
Annie: It is a yucky word.
Logan: Yeah.
Annie: It's not a nice word.
Logan: Yeah.
Annie: It's not a funny word.
Logan: Yeah.
Annie: Why did you say that word?
Logan: Because I didn't want to . . .
Annie: Were you mad?
Logan: Yeah . . . I was mad.
Video 2
Annie: Ahhhh . . . you say bad words!
Logan: . . . So many times!
Annie:Why? Why do you say bad words?
Logan:Because I didn't want to. . . My mommy stopped . . . try-ded to stop me . . . she got mad and try-ded to stop me.
Annie: Why do you say the bad words? Do you get angry?
Logan:Yeah . . . I get angry.

Video 3: Interrogation about the spank
Annie: . . . and when did you get a spankin'?
Logan: . . .
Annie: Why did you get a spanking?
Logan: . . . cuz
Annie: Why?
Logan: Ahhhhhh!
Annie: What? Why did Mommy spank you?
Logan: Behind my back.
Annie: Why?
Logan: My knees, my butt.
Annie: Why?
Logan: . . . cuzzzzz.
Annie: What did you do????
Logan: grabs his cup and drinks his soda. . . (this is obviously a sore topic- no pun intended. He was not too willing to share the details of his crime.)

I love this boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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summerk said...

Haha! He sounds so cute! I love little boys!!

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