Sunday, November 9, 2008

Laugh all you want . . . I am!

So, I have been looking through my mom's pictures so that I can work on a Christmas project and I thought I would share some of those beloved school pictures that we all treasure.

Kindergarten at Grantsville Elementary, Grantsville, Utah 1983/84

1st grade at Manzanita Elementary, Newbury Park, California 1984/85

2nd grade at Peach Hill Elementary, Moorpark, California 1986/87

1st day of school 1987. This is one reason why people always thought we were twins. . .

3rd grade at Mountain Meadows Elementary, Moorpark, California 1987/88
Check out those buck teeth and that sneaky grin...

4th grade at Campus Canyon Elementary, Moorpark, California 1988/89
2nd year with braces!

5th grade at Flory Elementary, Moorpark, California 1989/90
3rd year with braces....

And one other that I thought was fun!

Seven years old and already planning to go on a mission. Moorpark Ward, Thousand Oaks Stake, Old TO Stake Center

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summerk said...

Anne! Those are adorable!!! I loved looking at those; those are the Anne I remember!... well, mostly the ones in the 5th, 6th grades, etc. Soooooo cute! You had the best smile... or "sneaky grin" as you called it! :)
Love the music, by the way!

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